TWA 40

Synthetic Biomaterials

The TWA will study and validate synthetic materials to common specifications for biological applications at the cellular and tissue levels. Extra- and intracellular synthetic biologics will be developed and characterised as reference materials to constitute a tool box of functional biological parts and devices. The TWA will assess cell-based and cell-free advanced manufacturing capabilities to formulate reference protocols and technologies for cost-effective biosynthetic platforms. International intercomparisons will be initiated to support the formulation of international standards for biological materials and technologies.

Completed Projects
1.  Inter-laboratory study of protein nanoscale filaments as internal standards for high resolution electron microscopy
2. Characterisation of a protein filament material as an internal calibrant for diagnostic electron microscopy
3 Comparability measurements of antibiotic interactions with bacterial model membranes
4 Size and size distribution number of synthetic virus-like particles
7. Cross-validation of an integrated, phage-derived platform as an open source reference standard for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2
Active Projects
5. An intracellular distribution number of virus-like particles per cell
6. Comparability in the thermal stability of a protein antibiotic
8 Physicochemical profiling of virus-like particles as reference materials for vaccine development and virus particle diagnosis
9. Validating biosensor binding kinetics for microorganism antigens  
10. Quantification of an SI-traceable reference material in cells post-transfection 

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Dr. Max Ryadnov  (Chair)