TWA 24

Performance Related Properties for Electroceramics

Piezoelectric devices

Electroceramics such as piezoelectric and electrostrictive materials are materials which have the capability of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy (or vice versa). The technological importance of these materials is increasing, with widespread applications in actuator and sensor applications. Although there has been some standardisation activity through bodies such as the IEEE and more recently throught CENELEC in the development of new standards, many of the most important properties that are required for these materials when used as sensors and actuators remain without internationally recognised test methods. Measurements where work is required include direct and converse piezoelectric coefficient measurement, high stress dielectric property measurement, the measurement of strain at high stresses, and the measurement of degradation of materials performance under repeated electrical and mechanical loading.

Current Project:
Quantification of electromechanical coupling of Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) for multi-layered ceramic

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Dr. Yutaka Adachi  (Chair)