TWA 39

Solid Sorbents

Carbon vapor instrument

Sorbent materials or adsorbents are candidate materials for many commercial and industrial applications including: carbon capture, catalysis, environmental remediation, natural gas purification, hydrogen and natural gas fuel storage.

Although new and improved adsorbents continue to emerge for the various applications, the pace of innovation is hindered by the lack of robust methods to characterize the gas sorption behavior of materials at high pressures. Therefore, reproducibility of high pressure gas sorption measurements is difficult to attain. At present, there is no standardized measurement protocol for high pressure gas adsorption isotherms on any well-characterized porous materials.

The objective of this TWA is to address challenges inherent to measuring high-pressure gas sorption properties of solid sorbents (adsorbents) by organizing international round robin tests on high-pressure gas sorption isotherm measurements using NIST zeolite reference materials.

Completed Projects


  • A Reference High-Pressure CO2 Adsorption Isotherm for Ammonium ZSM-5 Zeolite: Results of an Interlaboratory Study. Nguyen, H.G.T. et al. Adsorption 2018, 24, 531–539.
  • A Reference High-Pressure CH4 Adsorption Isotherm for Zeolite Y: Results of an Interlaboratory study. Nguyen, H.G.T. et al. Adsorption 2020, 26, 1253–1266.

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Dr. Huong Giang Nguyen  (Chair)