TWA 29

Nanomechanics applied to Scanning Probe Microscopy

Nanotechnology provides exciting new routes for the future production of materials through the ability to synthesise nanoscale elements with more controlled size and composition, which can then be assembled into larger structures. These nanoscale elements may have properties radically different from the properties measured with macroscale tests. As specialized equipment such as scanning probe microscopes (SPM) are utilized to characterize properties of materials at the nano-scale it is critical to ensure that the accuracy and comparability of these measurements are adequately defined.

The objective of this TWA are to:

  • Examine the international state of the art in characterization of nanomaterials as it relates to SPM methods for measuring nanomechanical properties
  • Investigate protocols for the calibration of the force constants for scanning probe methods
  • Provide recommendations for good practice on characterization of nanomaterials using SPM
  • Support the development of suitable standard reference materials for nanostructured materials

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