Interlaboratory Comparisons - CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

There are a number of interlaboratory comparisons either in progress or being proposed as part of new projects. If you wish to participate, please contact the Technical Work Area (TWA) Chairs directly.

Active interlaboratory trials

    TWA  5     Measurement of multiaxial properties of polymer composites
    TWA  5     Measurement of the glass transition, for providing information on the degree of cure
    TWA  24   Quantification of electromechanical coupling measured with Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
    TWA  26   Validation and Integration of Numerical simulations and ExperimentS (VINES)
    TWA  30   In-vitro method to characterize resorption of calcium phosphate-based ceramic scaffolds
    TWA  32   Validation of the tensile test method for the measurement of the tensile elastic modulus
    TWA  33   Determination of the shape, size and size distribution of nanofiller particles
    TWA  33   Determination of the dielectric characteristics of polymer nanocomposites
    TWA  33   Mechanical testing of polymer nanocomposites
    TWA  34   Techniques for characterizing morphology of airborne nanoparticles
    TWA  34   Raman spectroscopy of fullerine nanofibres
    TWA  36   Charge mobility of organic semiconductors
    TWA  37   Determination of reproducibility and repeatability of grain size measurement by EBSD

New projects proposed

    TWA  2   Graphene Layer-number Characterization by Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
    TWA  22   Improved specification of scratch test stylus geometry

If you wish to find out about other interlaboratory exercises related to individual Technical Work Areas, please contact the TWA Chairs for more information.